River City Harley-Davidson's Service Department is staffed by highly trained, award-winning professional mechanics. Their only goal is to make sure that when your bike leaves our service department, it's running like a Harley® motorcycle should.

Harley-Davidson® PHD Certified Technitians

Ehlerding's River City Harley-Davidson® has Certified PHD Technicians - here's why it's important!
  • Factory trained by Harley-Davidson®
  • Tested on all the latest procedures from the Motor Company
  • Know Harley-Davidson® motorcycles better than anyone - it's their specialty!
  • Trained and up to date on the use of Screaming Eagle supertuners
  • Certified to perform all your warranty repairs

Only HD Dealer technicians have access to the HD Digital Technician II (DTII). This is the one piece of equipment that is needed to diagnose your bike and only Harley dealers have it!

Tuning your HD®

Dynojet - Truth in Power

All tuning is not equal. We have the training and experience that cannot be duplicated! Super Tuner Technology -- No other tuner can tune direct to the ECM. Not a "piggyback" system. DynoJet and HD Trained to utilize all the capabilities available. State of the art Dyno Room w/ the most up to date equipment and software offered. We dyno tune ONLY HARLEY-DAVIDSON® MOTORCYCLES.

In most cases, our well-stocked Parts Department will have the part you need to get back on the road quickly and hassle-free.